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Phase I Interceptive Treatment (“Early Treatment”)
Not everyone needs or is a candidate for early orthodontic treatment; while an orthodontic consultation is recommended by age 7, Dr. Antkowiak carefully selects patients who would benefit from Phase 1, or interceptive, care. There are multiple reasons for starting an early phase of orthodontic treatment:

1) To develop the upper or lower jaw to accommodate the erupting permanent teeth, usually by expanding the jaw to increase arch length

2) To correct the relationship of the jaws to one another (correct crossbite, underbite, etc.), allowing proper function and jaw growth

3) To correct an unusual problem (tooth erupting in the wrong place, tooth blocking unerupted teeth, etc.) that could worsen with time

4) To improve a smile that diminishes self-esteem or that causes social embarassment.

In some cases, early treatment can reduce the need to extract permanent teeth to correct crowding; it can also reduce the need for later surgical procedures. Additionally, phase 1 treatment may shorten the time necessary for the second phase of treatment. Leaving a malocclusion until all the permanent teeth erupt could result in jaw discrepancies too severe to achieve an ideal result with braces alone.

In addition to the time needed to actually correct the individual problem, interceptive treatment also includes a period during which retainers are worn to maintain the corrections while the remaining permanent teeth erupt.

Once the permanent teeth have replaced the baby teeth, we will reevaluate each patient’s smile to determine if further treatment is needed to align the teeth that have erupted since interceptive treatment or to achieve a more stable bite. The time needed to complete Phase 2 is often reduced if Phase 1 goals have been accomplished.

The success of Phase 1 care depends on long-term patient cooperation as well as optimal jaw growth and dental development. For your convenience, we have a two-fee arrangement: one fee for Phase 1 and a separate fee for Phase 2 that is based on the difficulty of finishing the individual case. Phase 1 fees are presented to you before the start of treatment. The fee for Phase 2, if needed, varies widely based on individual patient needs and will be discussed prior to the start of further treatment if treatment is necessary after all the permanent teeth erupt.

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